Project: Next-Gen PPE


In order to prevent the next outbreak from advancing to an epidemic, we need to ensure that society and especially critical workers have ample amounts of effective personal protective equipment (PPE).


In partnership with Gryphon Scientific, we undertook a comprehensive assessment of the current state of PPE and an evidence-based evaluation of the degree of protection required for pandemic prevention. We covered what types of PPE are needed, strategies for stockpiling, approaches for adoption, and an overview of the landscape. From this, we developed target product profiles (TPPs) and a comprehensive set of recommendations for how philanthropies and governments can bridge gaps in PPE production.


We are now translating the findings of this study into action-ready policy proposals and developing a next-gen PPE innovation roadmap. We invite anyone with interest in our findings or possible collaboration to contact us at

Read the Next-Gen PPE Blueprint


PPE Enterprise Gaps, Infection Modeling, and Demand Forecasting

Industry Working Group: Feedback on Recommendations

Towards a Theory of Pandemic-Proof PPE: Final Recommendations